Lanzarote Dog Breeds – The Bardino

The Bardino Majorero, Perro Majorero or simply ‘the Bardino’ is a working breed used for herding, guarding and defence. Descended from livestock guardian dogs brought to the Canary Islands and specifically Fuerteventura in the early 1400’s from Spain it has been working alongside farmers for nearly 600 years.Bardino Majorero

The Bardino

A medium to large breed dog with typically a brindle coloured coat. The Bardino has a great natural tendency to guard coupled with a fierce physical resistance and a seemingly complete lack of fear. These characteristics together with its ability to herd goat makes it the perfect combination for livestock control and protection.

Not always great with other dogs or strangers, the Bardino has a strong protective instinct with his family and is generally very good with children.

They are intelligent and learn quickly making them quite an easy breed to train although they are not a breed well suited to first-time dog owners. Early socialisation is very important to avoid problem behaviour as an adult.

It is the Bardino crossed with a mastif type breed that gave rise to the Presa Canario.

Lanzarote Dog Breeds - BardinoCare of the Bardino

An easy breed to care for, the Bardino has little health issues and no specific dietary requirements.

The Bardino is a short haired breed so only requires occasional brushing to remove dead hair and massage the skin.

Daily exercise is recommended to keep the Bardino in good physical and mental condition.

Their lifespan is around 12 to 14 years and with good care the Bardino has been known to live up to 19 years.